Saturday, September 22, 2007

Men are frogs.

Not because if you kiss them they turn into a prince. Because we all know THAT doesn't happen!

Nope... here's my theory. If you put a frog into hot water it will immediately jump out. But, if you put a frog into cool water and light a fire under the pan, the frog will acclimate itself to the changing temperature until it boils to death.

Now... imagine this same scenario with the frog being a man and the water being a messy house. A man will enter an immaculate home (no doubt kept that way by a woman). He will putz around the house creating small messes here and there. As he creates new "projects" that need to be taken care of he also creates new messes in new places. As the house becomes increasingly messy, the man (much like the frog) acclimates himself to the ever changing surroundings. He doesn't notice that the cat box has not been cleaned in months, that the house smells like cat pee, that the dirty dishes in the sink have mold growing on them, that the dining room table is no longer visible ("Oh, we DIDN'T give that away on freecyle?"), that you need snow shoes to walk across the carpeting because the cat and dog hair is so thick you'd surely get stuck... etc.

And then they wonder why WE are so bitchy. And of course, men claim that we are bitchy once a month... "THAT" time of month, you know? But in actuality we are bitchy ALL the time because of their lack of respect for our need for an uncluttered home in which to relax. They just don't notice the bitchiness all the time because they are too preoccupied with creating messes.



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Stacey said...

Is that seriously true about frogs?