Saturday, September 22, 2007

I'm sick :(

Being sick is not helping the fact that this damn blog thing isn't working for me today! I am TRYING to post pics... but when I do and then I publish my post, it isn't set up the same way in preview as it ends up being published. So here is my SECOND attempt at getting the stupid thing to look right!

I was up late (as in 3AM) chatting with mommie's of other angels. I slept in today til 1:30.. and I STILL feel like crap :( My eyes are watery... nose is runny/ stuffy... sneezing... feverish. UGH!
If it doesn't work THIS time.. y'all are just gonna have to deal. *sigh*

This is my first tattoo for Lilly -- before we knew she was a girl. I got this one about a month after we lost her. It is on my breast.

This is my second for her. It's actually for Lilly (yellow star- Nov. due date) and for Blake (blue star- Dec. b-day). Yes it's on my ear. No, it didnt hurt.
This is Mike's. It's on his arm... and when I got my ear done, he had "Lilly" added under the heart. It was very important to him to have a name for her, so when I had the dream he was quite happy about it.

Ok... so not really much else to report. My dull, uneventful life is just not spilling over with news I guess. Actually.. what I would LOVE to post I can't because if anyone from work ever saw it I'd be fired for bad mouthing the agency. Bleah!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!
ps... this damn thing STILL doens't look right in the preview so if it's messed up it's not my fault!

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Ter said...

There, you got the pics in the right order this time. :)

I've seen the photos before, but commenting anyway. I especially like the little footprints and the little angel, but I dunno about having a tattoo on my ear! I'm hestiating enough about putting a tiny one on my shoulder! (My daughter's footprints & name)

Sorry, you're not feeling well. Hopefully tomorrow you will feel better. Beginning of school year seems to be a normal time to get sick, and not to mention all the stress you've been under as of late... that couldn't've helped!