Friday, September 28, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes...

Ok... two funny stories from today.

So there I am at school. Have my preschoolers all lined up at the door... getting ready to head out to the playground for some MUCH needed energy burnoff. I am standing at the door holding my key card which is on a laniard. One of the kids says, "Is that a picture of YOU?" and points to my keycard which doubles as my ID. I said, "Yup, that's me." and she said, "Where are your eyes?" I looked at the pic and I said, "Oh, when I smile my eyes squint shut because I have fat cheeks." She said, "OH. Let me see." So I had to SMILE for her so she could see my squinty, disappearing eyes!

Second scenario... we are on our way to my mom's house (2 hours away) and we stop to have dinner. We are at Long John Silvers and Mike has gotten us each a pieice o' pie for dessert. Blake and Mike both have chocolate cream. Mike's piece is LOADED with chocolate shavings on top. Blake's... mmm, not so much.

So Blake says, "Hey! They didn't put any things on my pie!"

Mike says, "You didn't order them."

Blake:"Neither did YOU."

Mike: "I gave her the secret wink" and he winks.

Blake sits for a moment, visually comparing the 2 pies and says, "Well I usually get a correct order even without a wink!"

LMAO! Gotta love dem kiddos :)



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Ter said...


Congratulations, you have officially surpassed me in the number of posts on your blog. hahaha I've been here since august and only 25 and you've been here for.. what? less than 2 weeks? and you've got 26. Of course I'll match up to you in a bit when I get around to posting today's blog. ;)