Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Somebody take me awaaaayyyy.....

Today was my students' first day of school. I had 1 kid cry, 2 kids with head lice, 1 mom cry, 1 mom decide she didn't want her son to ride the bus after all, 1 child with a fever and 12 BOYS in my morning session. The ONE girl who was there was relieved when a 2nd girl arrived a bit later. Whew! Can we say I had a busy day?

Through no fault of any of the children, the day was incredibly stressful... if I even BEGIN to go into it I'll still be here next week so I won't even start. Let me just say *SIGH*

I had a horrible dream last night, on the eve of the anniversary of a tragedy many of us will never forget.... I dreamt that there was more terrorist activity, my husband got called to duty... and he didn't come home. He told me at dinner that I hit him during the night and woke him up... no doubt a reaction to the dream. Again.. I say *sigh*

So... I am going to start looking for another job which will probably mean relocating to another state.

Blake talked a LOT about Lilly at dinner tonight.. about where she would be sitting if she were with us... if she'd be in a booster seat or a high chair, how tall she would be, what she would eat etc. This was all spurred by a comment from me about us "getting back on our feet" and him saying, "We are always on our feet. Well, except for Lilly because she stands on a cloud."

*sniff* I LOVE that he thinks of her and remembers her.

Hmmm... guess I have no real news. Just rambling on today. Maybe later tonight I'll have something of REAL interest to post :)

For now...


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Ter said...

You could always relocate to Can-a-DA!

((HUG)) sorry you had a crappy day!