Sunday, October 7, 2007

Busy Sunday...

We went to church this morning and there was a group of children there called "The Children of Hope". They are children from all over the world who perform Christian music. It was fabulous! And I got LOTS of hugs because I sat on the aisle and they gave hugs as they ran off the stage! I was so glad i sat on the aisle ;)

After worship, Mike and I attended a "Build your Marriage" seminar. It actually started last Sunday but we missed that one because we were at my mom's. But we met with the group leaders and discussed the topics from week 1 so we were all caught up :) Today was about communication. It was good. Mike and I don't communicate nearly as well as we should. I really want to work on that.

Then we all came home and grabbed a bite to eat and then went to the Fire Station for their open house. We all got to slide down the fireman's slide :) Our fire station doesn't have a pole.. they have one of those McDonald's type slides instead. Yeah... that was fun. NOT! Blake liked it... but for me I was on the verge of hyperventilating from claustrophobia! And the darn thing is like 20 feet tall and spirals around and around and around... so I got dizzy too. *sigh* But, at least I can say I DID IT!

After the MPFD we headed over to the park for B's soccer game. He played pretty well today. He says he wants to quit soccer. I told him if he quits mid-season he has to pay us back the money we paid for him to play. He added that up and decided he'd finish the season. But last week he didn't have his "head in the game". So this week I bribed him! I told him we were going for ice cream after and if he didn't play, he didn't get ice cream but that Dad and I would still get some. Yeah.. his little butt hustled after that :)

Then we went to the ice cream parlor where Mike and I met. A cute little shop called Doozies. Today is their last day open for the year, so everything was 1/2 off. Yeah, Mike and Blake waited in line... lazy me sat in the AC in the truck. They were in line for like 25 minutes! It's a busy place, I tell ya!

Then we came home and are just sort of vegging.

I am going to make cookies (and hopefully not have to go through so much CRAP to not eat the dough like Stacey did . We'll just have to see :)

My prayers today were for the Children of Hope and the people who love them. For all women who have lost children. For Mike and I that our marriage will be strengthened by this seminar. For myself to be a better wife, mother, friend and teacher. For Shelley that she will have gentle days leading up to her surgery. For my mom that she will find peace in her move to an apartment. For Blake that he will continue to grow in Christ's love.

Yeah. I like ending my blog with my prayers for the day. This may be a new tradition :)


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Ter said...

Busy day! Mine was busy too, but I never left home. I did laundry and some cleaning and my friend came over with her mother in law, she gave me 2 bookshelves and I gave them both some of the junk I had in the basement (which wasn't really junk, but I didn't want it anymore so I told them to take what they wanted. :) ) and we had some tea and a nice visit. Then I got the hamburger soup going and played with Emmie and now supper is about ready so I'm going to go eat! :)