Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Do you happen to have a microwave in your car? my day started out pretty well. I felt like I actually had TIME this morning to get a few things done before the kids got there. Then at 11:15 ish, my center assistant, Julie called me into the back room. She pointed to the microwave and said, "Look." I look and the light is on, the carousel is spinning, but the stupid thing isn't actually RUNNING. Therefore.. the FOOD that Julie is supposed to cook for lunch for the kids is not cooking. Nope.. those chicken patties were having a nice COLD ride around and around.

I said, "You're never going to believe this but I just so happen to have a microwave in my van."

Julie, "What?"

Me, "I actually HAVE a microwave in my van."

Julie, "Are you serious?"

Me, "Don't ask."

So what are the chances I would actually HAVE a microwave in my car when the one at work died?


So my new sub is really good! She's a certified teacher. She taught kindergarten for a year. She has a very soft, soothing voice :) I am hoping that she can be my sub until J's return IF she does indeed come back. And if she doesn't, then I would definitely want to interview K!

Ok... prayers for today? That J will come to a decision about either coming back and actually working, or resigning. That God will be with Kim's father in his fight against cancer which has recurred. That God will remain steadfast in my marriage and my life.


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Tonia said...

Seriously. A microwave? In your car? Unbelieveable.

I hope that your sub works out. What a huge hassle. At my kids' school they had to do some fancy footwork because the previous Children's House (3-5 year olds) teacher moved up to 1-3. Now when they went to fill that opening they couldn't find someone who was both Montessori certified and had an early childhood endorsement. The endorsement is required because the 4s are MSRP funded and they require it. In the end they had to forego the traditional Montessori age grouping and put all the kindergartners in the new teacher's (really she's returning out of retirement) class and put all the threes and fours in the class that they already had. The hoops you have to go through to get funds these days.