Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Well, here I am in yet ANOTHER week with no assistant. Apparently she is in the hospital with pneumonia now. Her husband left a message on the machine at work yesterday that she won't be here again this week. I had another sub in for her today. The kids were asking her name and she said, "I am here for J." The kids acted confused and I said, "They probably don't know who J is." She looked puzzled and said, "Oh, OK" I don't think she realizes that this will be the 5th week that J has been gone.

So, short post today. I am stressed. I can barely even remember my own name. This sucks.

Prayers for: J to make a decision about quitting or coming back to work, that she will get into a better frame of mind and become healthier; for Kim's dad who has a recurrence of cancer; for me to be a better wife and better mom; for Catie to feel better so she doens't start her next student teaching stint sick; for our legal system to realize that children and mommies are not safe when the daddies who are hurting them are still allowed to come around.



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