Monday, October 1, 2007

How to boost employee morale.

The agency I work for isn't very good at this concept. Especially my new direct supervisor. She seems to be on a HUGE power trip and has decided to adhere to policies BY THE BOOK. There have been quite a few "unwritten policies" in the 10 years I have worked for this agency. But this year the new supervisor (who has been a teacher JUST LIKE ME up until this year) is just very unflexible!

The agency has NEVER given any recognition for our hard work. At the beginning of each year, the manager of our department comes to a meeting where all the teachers are and tells us what a great asset we are to the agency. We got a new president a couple of years back, and he usually makes an appearance too and tells us how much he appreciates us. This is the only time all year we hear this.

After working here for 5 years I got a keychain with the agency name on it. This year, at the end of the year, I will get a pen engraved with the agency name on it. WOW! I know you all are jealous!

Any other recognition? None.

This year I have been working solo because my assistant has been on medical leave since the first week of school. And instead of getting any extra help... or even more than that. given any extra BREAKS... I get reamed for working too many hours to get home visits done (by myself). I get told my time sheet is being reviewed for "inaccuracies". All teachers are required to make a conference call with the manager of our department to tell us all how to "appropriately schedule our work week". Then I am told that the 7 hours of overtime I put in are LOST because I didn't have pre-approval from the president of the agency to work overtime. Nice.

And do they honestly think that people are going to give their all when they are treated like shit?

I had to adjust my time today because we have to work late on Wed (for an agency required function). I adjusted 2.5 hours. The teacher across the hall was told to adjust 4 hours. What's up with that? We have the SAME supervisor.... we are going to the SAME function.... she was told to adjust FOUR hours and when I told our supervisor that I was adjusting 2.5 it was left at that.

Something wrong with this picture?

I used to do a LOT for my students, my families and my classroom. This year I will NOT. I will NOT go above and beyond. They have proven to me that it doesn't matter. You work your ass off? You go above and beyond? You. Get. Screwed.

They don't care about me. I could walk in tomorrow and tell them I am quitting (which, by the way, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do -- but can't afford to do) and they wouldn't care one iota. Nope. They'd basically say good riddence (sp?). It would not matter to them that the kids would be thrown into a tail spin because the ONE thing in their lives that is stable is gone without so much as a goodbye. Nope. They wouldn't even care.

Sad isn't it?

That is why I have decided that it's just a job. I will put in my 8 hours a day. I will do what I can during that 8 hours. And I will pray every day that I find a new job so that I don't have to DEAL with this shit next year.

*sigh* I guess this is more about how to SLAM employee morale huh?



Ter said...

Ugh, I tell ya, that is exactly why I quit my last job. You work hard and you still get treated like shit. ((HUG)) Hopefully you'll find something better soon!

p.s. and yes, I'm very jealous that you got a pen! :)

Stacey said...

hahahaha a keychain and a pen... man, I'd definitely bust my ass for those! They've got the most useful applications ever!