Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Huh. Where to begin?

Let's see. I wrote a note to my son's teacher asking if his atrocious behavior from last week is "typical" for a 2nd grade boy. I got a note back telling me she'd call me this evening. Oh boy!!

But the call went well. She said that Blake is just "testing the waters" and that he is a "very smart, very sweet" boy :-D

Yup. He's a keeper.

At work today I had a dad tell me that he is very impressed with how I handle the children. That he likes how consistent I am with them. That my student teacher has excellent control of the classroom. And that he feels that both of us put great energy into our stories when we read them and it really "draws the kids in" :)

He also talked about how I handle his son, and that he likes the way I handle him. His son has a lot of anger issues and he has meltdowns quite frequently. I learned very quickly that this boy does NOT want to be cuddled and hugged when he is melting down. He wants to be left alone. So I tell him he can have his meltdown over there (away from other kids) and when he's done we'll talk :) This boy is INCREDIBLY smart!

Made me feel SO good :) It's about TIME I felt good about my job again. I hope it can continue (not his praises, but the good feelings)

Now... if I could just convince him to put it all in writing to my supervisor :) LOL!!

Mike and I found 2 vehicles we want. The guy said to come see him when our bankruptcy is discharged... which will be in November!! I don't want to wait that long to return my brother's truck :( I think we'll have to buy something cheap to last until Nov. Or figure out a way to make it work with only 1 vehicle.

*sigh* Being financially stupid is just no fun.

But... it's not going to get me down.... I had a good day... I got complimented about how I run my classroom :)

My candle has been lit.


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