Monday, October 8, 2007

What a day...

I felt like I was in crisis mode for most of the day today! Sheesh!!!

It started with a trip to readi care, which confirmed that I have a sinus infection, and pink eye in BOTH eyes!

Then I found out via a message on my answering machine, that my TA is not coming back again this week. And I have just under an HOUR before I have to be at the main office to meet the van to drive an hour and 15 mins to a training!!

Somewhere in that hour I have to make sure the TA has found a sub, get prescriptions filled, get some food, and make it to the office. I actually made it too!

When we got back to town after the training, my student teacher, Catie, and I stood in the parking lot chatting. I opened the door of the van and sat sideways on the driver's seat. And a BIRD flew into the van!! I jumped out of the van so fast! Catie and I were cracking up, and this stupid bird was flying around in the van trying to get out! So we started to open all the doors in the van --- he finally flew out! Crazy!

On another note, Mike and I did our homework from our marriage seminar. (I think I talked about this in a past post, but just in case, we are attending a marriage seminar through our church.) Tonight we talked about our spiritual growth as a couple. We had a pretty nice discussion, and we prayed together. I think that is the first time EVER that we have prayed together just the 2 of us. We pray as a family at dinner each night... but this was just us (and the dog with her head on my foot :) )

So tonight I pray that God will help me to be a better wife, a better mother. That He will remain steadfast in our marriage. That we will be able to strengthen our marriage and our spiritual life as a couple and as a family. I pray that the abused children in the world will find a safe person to trust, who will love them.


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