Saturday, November 17, 2007

Another soapbox....

OK. Again with emails. This time it's the annoying emails that end with "If you believe in God pass this on, if not delete it." or "If you believe that God cares pass this on, if not delete it."

As if how much God loves me is dependent on how many emails about Him I forward? If I don't forward the emails then God is going to quit caring about me?

Yeah... I don't buy that. I also don't think that is an effective way to spread God's word.

I believe that a person's relationship with God is a very personal thing. I believe that many churches hold services so that you can go and prove to others that you have faith. I didn't used to even go to church because I didn't feel the need to prove to anyone that I have faith. I attend church now, because I feel the church can teach Blake more than I can about God, Jesus and having a relationship with them. Well, maybe not *more* than I can.. but different things than I can.

I still feel closer to God when I am outdoors... gardening, walking in the woods, watching Blake play... and God knows that. God knows my heart like nobody else ever will... and HE doesn't need me to forward emails to prove it to Him.

Ok... I'm finished :) If you read this and haven't commented on my blog before.. give me a "hey" so that I can see how many ppl actually READ this stuff :)

** hugs **

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Tonia said...

I am SO with you on this. No big surprise there. Also am sick of emails that ask me to add my name to a list of whatever and forward so I can see some cool trick. Never gonna happen. While we're at it, why fo people send me chain emails that will be bring bad luck if I don't forward it? Do they not love me? They KNOW I won't send it on, so it's like sending me a curse!

You might be interested in this website: Go to the Inboxer Rebellion link and look up most kooky emails that you get and see if they're for real.