Monday, November 19, 2007

I hate my job...

I have always disliked this job... not the teaching part of it, but the administrative piece of it. I don't want to be a supervisor.... I don't want to have to do a gazillion tons of paperwork! I want to be a teacher...and be able to TEACH the kids.

There are days when I don't even know which kids are at school because I have so much OTHER crap to do all day.

So now... after 11 years of being a preschool teacher (10 years with this agency) I am being told that I am not doing anything right. My classroom is disorganized, the children don't feel safe, there is no consistency, the activities are not developmentally appropriate, my discipline is not developmentally appropriate, ... the list goes on and ON! (2 typed pages worth)

Now... mind you, I have gotten nothing but great evaluations up until this point. Our evals are done on a number system... 0-5. It is darn near IMPOSSIBLE to get a 5.. there is all sorts of documentation and approval that has to go along with a 5. A 4 is pretty tough to get too, but it can sometimes happen. Most evals are 3's... and if you get an eval that is all 3s it is a GOOD eval. I have always had mostly 3s with a few 4s on my evals. Last year, my eval was mostly 4s and a couple of 5s. But now, suddenly, I am a sucky teacher who can't do anything right?


Yup.... hate this job. If Mike had a job where he was bringing in a steady income and had insurance, I'd be out of there!



Ter said...

Good Luck with your job hunt. You deserve to have a job where you're not treated like crap like you have been lately.

Tonia said...

An assistant principal once told me (after I had had it with her ineffective leadership) that if I didn't adjust my attitute I would never be anything more than just a good teacher. Damn. Double Damn. Cause I SO want all the crap and thanklessness that goes with being an administrator. And being a good teacher is such a curse. Shoot me.