Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all!

Ok... as we do every year, we did Turkey day at the in-laws' house. It was sooo yummy!! I ate way too much... but still wanted MORE! We had turkey, sweet potatoes, cheesy mashed potatoes, broccoli, shoe peg corn (Mike and Blake's FAVORITE), rolls, olives (ick), cranberry sauce (ick), pumpkin pie and apple crisp! OH YUMMERS!!!

Funny thing was... because of my diabetes, my MIL bought sugar free cool whip.... but the rest of the desserts were NOT sugar free :) I just had to laugh!

I did miss stuffing.... was looking forward to it.... might have to go get a box of stove top and eat it up! My MIL didn't make it, because Mike can't have it. I did get some stuffing at work yesterday (the building did a big ol turkey day dinner)... so that was good. But had I remembered that Mom wasn't going to make any, I"d have had more :) LOL!!!

Blake ate really well.... and tasted everything --- I'm so proud of him for that :) He didn't like the cranberry sauce or the green olives.... but the black olives, I think he ate them all! He has LOVED black olives since he was first eating solid foods! We went to Florida for Jack's baptism... Blake was about 17 months old. We went out to eat... and Blake put black olives on his fingers and ate them off... and has been hooked ever since!

I got all nostalgic the other day... was cleaning out the entertainment center and found videos of Blake. One is his ultrasound video... his little heart was beating so strong... and he was sucking his thumb :) I also found video of him at about 2 months old, 14 months old, 2 years old and 4 years old! I don't even remember his voice sounding like that... he sounds like such a baby, and at the time I thought he sounded so grown up :)

I want Mike to make me a DVD of Blake from when he was born til now... actually I've been asking for it for a couple of years now. So far I've got nothing.

On a different note... I did get quite a bit done today. Trying to "de-clutter" the house. I have a huge pile of crap to give away.. but so far nobody is coming to get any of it. Sheesh! It's FREE people... come take it away!!!!

Still cleaning, however, I am planning to delve MUCH deeper into it over Christmas break.

Thanks for all that I have. For my family. For my friends. For my wonderful brother who is letting us borrow his car.


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Ter said...

happy thanksgiving from your jealous friend who doesn't have a long weekend.