Sunday, December 9, 2007

The "Friend" Birthday party.

Okee dokee... one birthday party down.... two more to go :) Blake had his bday party for his friend's at the skating rink. He had 7.5 friends show up :) I say 7.5 because of a friend who was there for another party, but kept popping back and forth between the 2 parties :)

The kids skated... ate popcorn... drank soda... skated... ate a few bites of pizza... skated... drank more soda... ate cake and ice cream.... impatiently watched Blake open gifts... and skated some more. None of them were ready to leave when their parents got there! Many parents commented on how much fun the party was (even if they hadn't stayed) and asked their kids if they'd like a party there :)

I love it because the skating rink set it all up... I just had to bring the Birthday Boy and the cake :) They also served the pizza... and cleaned up the mess :)

Then I came home to my nice, clean, quiet house to relax :)

Here are some pics of the joyous occasion :)

The cake... it was REALLY good!!!

This is Blake and his friend Nicky.

Blake and his friend from preschool, Rio.

Amy, Rio and Chloe.

Here's Ren.

This is Clarissa... she was also on Blake's soccer team!

That's Reyna in the middle... she was at a different bday party, but is also in Blake's class so she kind of "party hopped" back and forth :)

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Ter said...

I'm glad Blake had a good birthday party! :)