Saturday, December 8, 2007

The good.... the bad... and the ugly...

The good... today is Blake's bday party with his friends. He is quite excited... having a party at the roller skating rink :) Pizza, soda, popcorn, cake, ice cream, goody bags, prize wheel... ya just can't go wrong :( We invited his entire class so as not to create any hurt feelings... and 4 have RSVPd that they will be there. So it'll be a nice small group and he'll be able to "hang" with them quite well :)

The bad... I came home early from work yesterday with a MONSTER headache :( I got to work at 8:00 and had the headache then... I took meds around 9:30... still couldn't get rid of it. It got so bad that I was feeling nauseous (sp?). At 1:30 I called in a sub and came home. UGH! I slept until almost 6:00 and STILL had the damn thing! It slowly went away as the evening progressed.

A 2nd bad... Blake had a friend come to spend the night. He made it til about 11:00 and then called his mom and wanted to go home. It was his first night sleeping over... Blake was quite disappointed that Nicky didn't make the whole night.

The ugly... I woke up this morning with what I believe to be the beginnings of a sinus infection! No wonder I had the headache yesterday :( Today should be fun.. sinus pain... running around to do (go to the bank, pick up the cake, etc) and then the party at the noisy roller rink. Should be loads of fun.

Thankfully my sister and my niece came up last night (I went to bed at 1:00 and they were still not here so I don't know WHEN they actually GOT here...) so they will help out with the party stuff too. At least I don't have to clean my house or chase a bunch of 8 year olds around the house :)

Oh... funny story from last night. We were eating dinner and I asked Blake's friend if he had any brothers or sisters. He said yes he has a sister. I asked her name. He told me it is Chloe. I said, "And how old is Chloe?" He said, "Well, she's pretty close to the same age as me. We're twins." I just laughed... I suppose she would be "pretty close" in age if they are twins! LOLOL!!!

Oh.. another good thing... I got some Christmas presents started last night that I am making :) Woot woot!

Alrighty then... I need to get in the shower so I can get prepared for the day.


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Ter said...

Hope Blake has a wonderful birthday party! Wish I could be there! Well, if only to give him a birthday hug. :)

Hope you're feeling better today!