Saturday, December 29, 2007

The year in review.

Ok... so I have been tagged to do this year in review thing... so if you read it, you have to do it too :)

What you do is enter the first title for each month of the year (hmmm.... not sure I've been doing this for a year yet so I'll do what I can).

OK, here we go...yeah... I'm still wet behind the ears where blogging is concerned... only 4 months worth.

Sept: "I have submitted to peer pressure." My very first blog of my life :)

Oct: "How to boost employee morale." Yup... it hasn't gotten any better either.

Nov: "Halloween" Wow! That's original!

Dec: "Look what Blake won!"

Ok... tag, you're it. I expect to see YOUR year in review (unless you are Stacey in which case I've already seen yours.)

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