Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Yeah.. so we are such party animals.... we rang in the new year while driving on a snow covered highway hoping not to go into a ditch or get slammed by the jackasses that were passing us doing about 90.

We are at a hotel for the weekend because my family celebrates our Christmas on New Year's Day and Mike, Blake and I have made it a tradition to spend the couple of days before in a hotel so that we can just hang at the pool all day :) We arrived on Sunday, swam a bit then... I wanted to do the hot tub but it was not even as warm as a bath. Then Mon we were planning do do the pool all day thing... but Blake started throwing attitude at me so I told him after lunch he was taking a nap. (He is NOT tired! He is NOT going to take a nap! He WANTS TO SWIM --- emphasized by the towel being slammed to the floor.) Mmmm...hmmm.... 10 mins after lunch he was OUT. Yup... he wan't tired at all.

So after we woke up... yup... we ALL napped :) I drove over to my niece's house (which is where Family Christmas is going to be) to pick up my mom (who came with my brother Mon night to spend the night)so she could come watch Blake swim. One of the simple pleasures in her life :) Then after swimming, we went out for dinner... but Mom didn't want to go... so Mike and Blake and I went and left her at the hotel.

Then we swam some more. Then we all went to take her home... in the midst of a snowstorm... UGH! The 20 min drive took almost 45 mins!! The roads were HORRIBLE.

Mike doesn't do well driving on the snowy roads... he started to slip and slide on the way down a hill, on a bridge, near a lake. That freaked him out... and freaked Blake out... causing ME to have to drive back to the hotel :) Oh well... I really don't mind.

So.... How did YOU ring in the new year??

Love you all! May everyone have a gentle, prosperous and fulfilling year!!!

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Tonia said...

We rang in the new year with bowling. I did so poorly that I gave up in the fifth frame and convinced my friend's mom to take over for me and end my humiliation.

Not long after midnight I went to bed with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Best part of my new year's