Sunday, January 6, 2008


Ok... so I don't know if it's the stupid camera or the stupid operator! But our camera has this switch on the side that can slide to a flower or a mountain. I can NEVER remember which setting it SHOULD be on. We used to just leave it on one or the other.. but I can't remember which ONE it was that we left it on. I have tried looking up the manual online... can't find it. Even on the samsung site.

So... here's what pisses me off:

These pictures were taken, in sequence shown, all with the SAME setting (the flower):

Ok... so then I decided to experiment with the setting. This pic was taken on the "flower" setting:

This one, with the "mountain setting" :

So... you tell me. WTF?!?! !@#@$#%#$&%^*^(*&(%^&$%%#$$%@!#!@$@#%!@#$@#$!!!!!


Ter said...

the flower usually indicates close ups, and the mountain is landscapes (outside). but I'll look at my camera tomorrow if you remind me and look at it a bit closer.

Stacey said...

Flower's for macro stuff, VERY close up. The mountain's for far away stuff.

Also, I don't know if you're already doing this, but make sure you're holding the shutter button down halfway, letting the camera focus, then pressing it down the rest of the way to actually take the picture. If you just press it straight down, the camera won't focus.

Also, OMG Squirt.

Ter said...

yeah, stacey said what I said just in plain english! So hopefully you'll understand what I was saying now! I think the mountain one will work best outdoors. the one with the face is for portraits. hrm,Why am I always talking about camera stuff when my camera's no where near me?