Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Day...

Ok... so Monday started out quite interesting. As I was starting to wake up, and waiting for the alarm to tell me that it really was time to get up... I felt Blake crawl into bed and snuggle under the covers between Mike and I. A little voice whispered, "I love you, Mommy." I whispered, "I love you too, Sweetheart" and rolled over to give him a kiss... and he wasn't there! All I can deduce is that it was Lilly. *sniff*

Well, I had the day off work and Blake ended up with a day off from school... started out as a 2 hour fog delay... then went to a 3 hour fog delay.. and then a cancellation. The fog didn't completely lift til about 6 pm :( Plus it was rainy and icky all day. UGH!

So, Blake and I went to the bank, to the store and to the library. I checked out the book The Gift by Richard Paul Evans. I started to read it in the library, but Blake decided that it was much more important to bug the shit out of me than to look for his own books. I finally said, "Are you wanting to go home?" and he said, "Yes." Why not just TELL me that? Sheesh! So, I checked out the book and a movie "I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry" (good movie). I read the ENTIRE book yesterday :) It is SUCH a good book... now I can't wait to read his other books!

After we got home... Mike and Blake watched some TV and worked on Blake's "How To" presentation that he was doing for school on Tues. He showed how to light a light bulb using a power source (a battery). I read. I napped. I read some more.

We ate dinner and B went up to take his bath. Oh... I forgot, B played outside in a water puddle in our backyard and luckily didn't get frostbite or hypothermia! Crazy kid!

After the bath, we read Night of the Ninjas (a Magic Treehouse book) and then B went to bed. He was in bed about 45 minutes when the rain and ick turned to hail and wind. I turned on the TV and as soon as I did, the storm sirens started to blare! The TV informed me that there was a tornado in our area and we needed to seek shelter immediately.

Ok... so this is like the 2nd time in the past year we have had to seek shelter for a tornado. No biggie to some... a little freaky to me!

We had to get Blake out of bed and down to the basement... got the dogs and one cat down there... couldn't find Teddy Bear. He's such a pain sometimes!

We did some reading... we talked... we joked... we snuggled under blankets. Then about 45 minutes later the "all clear" siren went off. I said, "Oh, good, we can go back upstairs now", picked up the books and *blink* off went the power. *sigh* So... we hauled our stuff back upstairs via flashlight.

Then Blake was so freaked out he couldn't settle down for bed. We read some more and then he and Mike sat and talked while I went to bed. Setting the alarm on my cell phone and praying that it would wake me up in the morning. It did.

Still no power when I woke up... AND a 2 hour school delay because THEY didn't have power either.

Mike assured me there was enough water in the hot water heater for me to have a nice shower... there was :)

Just as I was bending over to turn the shower off (after showering by flashlight), the power came back on. Sheesh!!

I had 4 students this morning. We took them across the hall to the other classroom, who had TWO! They had a good time together. I got some things done in my classroom that I needed to get done because I didn't work yesterday.

This afternoon we had a gazillion kids! Ok... so really, we had 15.

Blake's presentation went well. He's proud of himself. His classmates loved it and wanted to see it again during recess :)

Blake and I worked on some more "Thank yous" for Christmas and b-day presents.

So... I guess that actually a recap of TWO days.

I have this odd sense of peace about me now. I really liked a quote in Richard Paul Evans' book, "Our thoughts are not arrows haphazardly shot out into the cosmos. They are boomerangs." I think tomorrow I'll catch the thoughts coming back to me on that one, and blog about them :)


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Ter said...

Wow, sounds like a busy day. I'm glad Lilly came to visit you.

For probably the first time ever, you're reading a book I want to read before I read it. ;)