Saturday, January 12, 2008

A funny (but sort of sad) story...

We went to my mom's today to do some scrapbooking. It was really a ploy to get her out of her apartment! She just moved there in November and has been like a hermit. So my sister and I decided to meet there today and get her down to the public dining area to do some scrapbooking. (We decided on the dining area because there are tables there.)

My mom LOVED it... throughout the day tons of people came by to see what we were doing and to chat and she showed them her scrapbook that she is working on. It was a fun day.

Ok... so the funny/ sad story. It's really only sad because of the indication of age related mind loss :(

Blake and I were getting on the elevator to go and check my mom's laundry. A lady came off the elevator and she said, "I have lost my purse. It's blue. I set it down on the bench to blow my nose, and then I walked off and forgot it there." I said, "Oh dear." Blake said he thought he knew where it was... and took off running to my mom's apartment. He came back and said it wasn't there (he was quite dejected). I told the lady that I was sure someone would return it to her. Then we went our separate ways.

A bit later, she came into the dining room and said, "I found my purse. It was on the hook in my apartment." Then she turned to Blake and said, "Oh, thank you for finding my purse. You knew right where it was." and she started to rummage in her purse. Blake said, "Um, I didn't find your purse."

The lady said, "oh, then it was that other little boy. It's OK you can share this with him"

Blake continued trying to explain that he was the only little boy and that he didn't find the purse.

But she just wasn't getting it. She gave him a reward for finding the purse and he ran off. She then told us that she had lost $400 in her apartment somewhere. She just KNOWS it's in her apartment and she isn't letting anyone in until she finds it.

When Blake came back (the lady was gone) I asked him how much she gave him. She gave him $10!!!!

My sister said, "Man! I wish *I* hadn't found that purse!"

So then later while we were working away, my mom says, "Shari (my niece) gave me a bunch of stickers and I can't remember where I put them. I know they are in my apartment somewhere. I'd better not let anyone in."

I almost wet my pants!

My mom had a great time today too... and she wants to do it again :) Yay!!!

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Ter said...

I will never understand why people want to live to a "ripe old age". But I'm glad you guys had a good time... will you be willing to travel all the way to CANADA for a scrapping day?!