Friday, January 11, 2008

I have an assistant!!

I am torn... I FINALLY have a permanent, full time teaching assistant in my classroom! I started out the year with one... she went on medical leave 14 Sept. Then I had SEVEN.. yes, count them SEVEN subs since then. I had a "long term" sub who worked for a couple of weeks, but then the agency decided she couldn't work anymore. So I got a new sub... and she has been working with me since mid November.

I interviewed 3 people... and recommended one for hire. The person I wanted, didn't get the job. She was offered a teaching job in another center where the teacher was recently let go. She was more qualified for that job, than for an assistant job.

But, I am still happy to have someone actually HIRED now! That means I'll be working with the SAME person for the rest of the year AND I can actually TRAIN her to do shit that I have been doing.

*sigh* It's such a relief :)


Ter said...

yeah! :)

Totallyscrappy said...

It is so great to have an aide! I teach kindy and I LOVE my assistant. She totally rocks...
I hope you guys work well together.