Saturday, February 2, 2008

I loves me some Paula Deen!

Shelley got me Paula Deen's book for Christmas. I have SO been wanting it :) I finished reading it this week (we had our Christmas celebration in January so it really didn't take me that long to read it :) ). Anyway... I LOVED the book! I read several passages to Mike and he cracked up. Paula wrote the book exactly like she talks... the pages just DRIP with southern dialect :)

One paragraph in particular, towards the end of the book, made an impression on my mind. I hope Paula, or her publishers, don't mind me putting it here for y'all to read and contemplate a bit :)

"Here's what I think: you take the risk if you can live with the worst-case scenario you can imagine. If you write a book and it gets awful reviews, if you open a restaurant and it fails, if you go skiing and you break a leg, if you go to Italy by yourself and not one single person talks to you the whole time, if the man you ask out on a date says thanks but no thanks --- will you just wither and die from the disappointment or embarassment? If the answer is yes, play it safe and don't risk what you can't live with. If the answer is no, go for it, girl. Otherwise, you might just drown in a sea of woulda/coulda/shoulda and for the rest of your life rue the day you didn't give opportunity a shot." (p. 271 It Ain't All About the Cookin' by Paula Deen.)

So? What do you think? Have you not taken a risk you wish you woulda? Have you died from the embarassment of a risk you took that you wish you hadn't? Does this passage have an impact on how you see a potential risk that you are facing right now today?

** hugs **

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