Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Ok.. here's the scene:

We go to Meijer tonight because Blake has money burning a hole in his pocket. After shopping FOREVER for him to find "just the right thing" (which btw ended up being the DVD "Alvin and the Chipmunks") we get in line. The following conversation takes place:

Cashier: That will be $20.14 please

Blake: Ok, here's $20

Me: Well, you'd better pull 14 cents out of somewhere

at which point, Blake pretends to reach into his butt and pull out money

Me: That is just sick and wrong, Son.

Cashier: laughs

Blake: Well, Mom, that's what YOU do when I ask for money and you don't have any and you say, "Here I'll just pull that right out of my butt."

He's right. I DO say that. Not in PUBLIC mind you.....


Stacey said...


Darn kids, being all smart and stuff...

BTW my word verification is "oderb," a word that I think is awesome.

Ter said...

LOL, I think a certain somebody takes after his mom!!!!