Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Help! Help! Help!

Ok, y'all. See that little angel up in my title bar? The animated one? I want to remove her and replace her with an angel done in white so you can see her better... but blogger won't let me remove her. What do I need to do???

Also... how do I put a counter on my blog to tell me how many visits have been to my blog?

And, while I'm asking questions..... how can we attain world peace?

** hugs to all **



Stacey said...

1. Don't know.
3. Peace pipe.

Ter said...

I think it would be better if it wasn't animated... maybe that's the problem (in terms of fixing the code on blogger)? Don't ask me though! What do I know??

Blake and Lilly's Momma said...

Well, you gals are a lot of help! LOL :)

Maybe Mike can figure it out? After all he IS the web site guru around here :)