Wednesday, April 2, 2008


So.... my mom spent last week with us. Mike is glad she has gone home. She figures she is 87 years old she can say whatever she wants.

I took her home and spent a couple of days there with her. We did a lot of running around. She took me out for lunch and while we were eating we were discussing my niece's upcoming wedding and my niece's mom (my ex sil). My mom asked if I have seen her lately and I said no. Then Mom says, "Well, she's almost as big as YOU are!"

Are you kidding me? THAT big? Holy shit! How can the woman go on living??? What a disgrace! Honestly!

I looked right at her and said, "Gee, Mom, that makes me feel great."

She just laughed and kept on talking.

I ordered pecan pie.

I love my mom dearly.. but sometimes she can be so hateful. *sigh*

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Ter said...

my mom is only 53 and she also thinks she can say whatever she wants, no matter how rude it comes across! arrgh!