Thursday, April 17, 2008

I win Rotten Mommy of the Year!!

Blake's school had a carnival today.. it's a fundraiser. We have gone every year. He has a blast... we do not. Ah, the price we pay....

At any rate... Blake was VERY excited to go tonight and did his homework right away, ate all of his dinner and was raring to go.

We get to the school and had to park across the street and at the OTHER end of the building from where the carnival is all set up. Blake wants to get out immediately, his dad told him to wait so we could check for cars and I said, "You can get out, but you need to wait for us (emphazing the "wait for us" part)."

So what does he do? He jumps out, runs across the street, around the corner, through the gate and all the way to the carnival. He was at the OTHER side of the carnival before we even crossed the street!

I was PISSED! He does this QUITE frequently, mind you... the not listening and not staying with mom and dad thing.

So, I marched around the corner, through the gate and across the field to the carnival. He ran up to me with shoes in hand (he was ready to go into one of those inflatable bouncer things) and says, "Do we have any tickets yet?"

I said, "Put your shoes on, we are going home."

He said, "WHY?!" (or rather screamed it)

I said, "Because I told you to wait for us and you did not. This is NOT safe, Blake. You cannot be running away from us like that."

He said he didn't hear me tell him that. Uh, hello? We were IN THE CAR! Not like there was a bunch of noise in there! Plus... as I have learned from my years of Blake experience.. I asked him if he understood before he even got out of the car and he said he did.

So he put his shoes on, ran out of his shoes to the field screaming, "I HATE YOU!!!" and threw himself down in the field.

I picked up the shoes and started walking back to the van.

He was SO mad. He yelled at us all the way home about how he had a rough day at school and he deserved to have some fun. Yeah... and who's fault is it that you didn't have fun?

*eyes rolling*

You know. I love the kid to death. But there are days....

When we got home he took a bath and then came outside (we were sitting on the yard swing) and he was in a MUCH better mood... until he got himself grounded for the weekend. Maybe I'll post THAT story tomorrow. LOL!!


Ter said...

Whoo hooo!! It's so exciting to win an award!!!!

oh wait.. you didn't WANT to win this one?? oh, phooey!

Blake and Lilly's Momma said...

Yeah... I win this one frequently, you know??

If I had actual awards my mantle would collapse!

Totallyscrappy said...

That was tough! But I bet the next time you say, "Stay here..." He will stay right here!