Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The kid is too smart!

We have not told Blake that I quit my job. Mainly because he worries (ALOT) about money issues (at age 7 he was telling me that if we can't afford to send him to college it's OK because he can find something else to do.)

So this morning we had the following conversation:

Me: Here's a note for your teacher telling her that I'm on summer break so I can help out in the classroom if she needs me to

B: Oh, you're on summer break already?

Me: Yup

B: Huh, I thought you got fired.

Me: What made you think I got fired?

B: Well, for the past week and a half you've been in your pajamas when my dad and I leave for school, and you're home when I get home from school. (and honestly I have only been in my jammies when he has left for school on 2 days... I have been taking him to school the other days. LOL)

Amazing the deductions he made.


Sarah C. said...

Found your blog via Ter's. :) Kids are so funny. Amazing the things they will say. Glad you weren't fired. ;) tfs!

Blake and Lilly's Momma said...

Thanks for visiting Sarah :) Come back anytime :)


Ter said...

HEY! I thought I commented here, but I didn't. boooo me.