Saturday, April 5, 2008

A shoe story...

Santa brought Blake a pair of shoes for Christmas. They were the same shoes I had shown Blake in the store and he hated them. They were on clearance. Santa brought them.. he thought they were the BEST shoes ever!

Today we went to a craft show of sorts (Shipshewana on the road) and then we got drive through and went to the park for a picnic. After we ate, Blake was riding his bike along the trails and Mike and I were walking the dogs.... well, more like the dogs were running wild while Mike hobbled along with his cane and I tried to walk slow enough to keep up with him.

Anyhoo.... Blake rides ahead then stops and decides to kick sand into the river. His shoe flies off and into the river. He is FREAKING out. We get up there and I look... the bank is probably 50 feet high and almost straight down and completely sand. And there at the bottom, floating innocently in a little inlet is the aforementioned shoe.

Blake thinks perhaps we could tie the dogs leashes together and fish it out. Not gonna happen. Then he figures the "high school kids" that are walking by will go get it. Didn't ask them. Mike thinks maybe Honey will go get it...she gets about 1/4 of the way down and comes back up looking at him as if to say, "You want it so badly, YOU go and get it!"

Well, as a result of Honey's movement... a huge chunk of sand drops off and into the river by the shoe... the splash of which sends the shoe out into the main current of the river and it is gone.

Blake drops to the ground crying and carrying on (Mr Over-dramatic in action).

Then he says, "Daaad! If you hadn't sent Honey down there then it would have stayed there."

Uh... and what GOOD would that have done us? There was NO WAY to get that shoe.

Fast forward an hour: Blake just ran up to his room and came back down saying ,"Nope, it's not there." When I asked what... he said that he prayed to God that He would talk to Santa and ask him to make a new shoe and have one of the elves deliver it to Blake.

Guess I'm sneaking out to Payless. Dear God, please let them have the same shoes!

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