Thursday, May 1, 2008

Angel Day...

Isn't it odd how each year fewer and fewer people remember my Lilly? My husband didn't even mention her onher angel day. Of course, in his defense I WAS 2 hours away at my niece's house helping her with wedding plans.

I was quite distracted that day... so didn't really get too sad. Which is a good thing, I guess.

Lord knows I am sad enough on OTHER days to make up for it. Not that I am sad ALL the time... but some days are rougher than others.

So Lilly's angel day was not so bad this year. But now in thinking back on it, I am saddened by the people who didn't acknowledge it.

Thank you to Terri and Stacey for remembering my baby girl. I appreciate it!

** HUGS **


Ter said...


I have noticed that my daughter's actual angel days are not that bad, but probably because the first two, I occupied with a BBQ and balloon release in her honor. This year, however, it's not on a weekend, so we will be having the BBQ a few days later (which happens to be our 5th anniversary) so I might be more sad.

On her first angel day and birthday, I was, obviously, sad, but I found I was even more sad on our anniversary because it was a reminder of how happy we were just 2 years prior. Also on her 1st birthday, my husband's friend died. So we recieved phone calls about that and not "thinking of babybear on her first birthday" calls. Thank goodness for my fellow angel moms who sent me cards and emails!

Know in your heart that Lilly is very important and her spirit lives on. She mattered, and continues to matter!! ((HUGS))

Blake and Lilly's Momma said...

*tears* Thanks Ter.