Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Yeah... so I filed for unemployment and today found out that they are "investigating" my claim and it could take 5 weeks! YIKES!!! Five weeks with no income? OY!

Plus, I found out that the state and FBI fingerprints that my former employer has on me are not good enough for me to sub in the school system... so I had to pay $60 bucks to get fingerprinted AGAIN for the school system. By the time that crap gets settled it'll be too late to sub!


But... on the bright side... Mike is planning to go back to school and get a degree!! And he has done everything ON HIS OWN.... I have not pushed at all (honest). As I type this, he is working on financial aid papers (he's not getting financial aid.. he's doing a program through the state where the tuition is free, but he still has to fill out the paperwork).

So THAT is a good thing :)

And... I got a new camera :)


Ter said...

you mentioned the camera yesterday, like 100 times. lol.

But good, so maybe you losing this job has opened doors for Mike, or maybe more accurately, opened Mike's eyes and started up his motivation motor. Yay! :)

Hopefully everything will fall into place. :)

Tonia said...

So, you got a new camera? Huh! I'm glad that you have a fun new toy :-)