Monday, May 5, 2008

My new toy...

I got a new toy today. Probably shouldn't have... but thanks to AFLAC we had some extra money. I put some in our IRA, some in Blake's savings, most in our savings and used some to buy myself a new digital camera. Our old one, as you know, was crappy and took blurry pics and I was getting majorly frustrated with it!

The new one is a Canon Power Shot Z720 IS. I have been playing with it all day and so far I am loving it!

I can take pics through windows and they look nice.... I can zoom WAY in (as seen below) from across the room... it has video.... plus it automatically adjusts the white balance so when I take pics of something that is in front of a bright light (such as a window) it balances the colors (an example of which is also below).

Enjoy the pics :)

A pansy that's in a basket hanging on my fence.

An extreme close up of Blake's eye... from about 4 feet away. (don'tcha love those freckles??)

Here is the backlit one... see what a great job the camera did balancing? I know I've posted pics of her before... but just wanted to show the balance.

A pic that Blake did at school that I think is SOOOO cool!!! I love it!

* when I preview this post, the description of the last pic is next to the pic instead of under it as I typed it. I can't figure out how to get it under the pic. DRIVING ME BONKERS!

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Ter said...

too bad you don't live closer, we could go on photo shoots together!