Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ten ways to piss Jolene off....

10. Take the pen from her computer and don't put it back.

9. Say you will do something today, and then don't do it.

8. For weeks.

7. Flood my inbox with forwards and no REAL emails.

6. Leave your garbage in my yard.

5. Pull out in front of me, slow down, turn at the next corner.

4. Have THREE checkout lanes open on a holiday weekend.

3. Raise the price of gas by 20 cents just because it's a holiday weekend.

2. Find the dumbest commercial in the universe and play it at EVERY commercial break during the marathon of my favorite show.

And the number one way to piss Jolene off:

Mess with my kid. ( To be honest... I don't think parents should be held accountable if they cause great bodily harm to anyone who messes with their child(ren).)

Just for the record.. there really is no point to this post. Nobody has pissed me off by messing with Blake lately. Just the thought of the blog popped into my head and I decided to go ahead and write it. LOL :)

1 comment:

Ter said...

be very very careful.


Just to let you know my stupid computer shut itself off again last night while we were chatting and it was late so I went to bed.