Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Monday...

This is what I did on Monday... cleaned Blake's room! I took everything except the dresser and bed out... vacuumed... steam cleaned... washed base boards.

Then Mike cut the bed down so it would be lower (it was a loft).

Then I put everything back in... well, not quite EVERYTHING. We are having a yard sale in June so a lot of stuff will be going to that.

I didn't think to take before pics... so here are the afters :)

Mike was feeing the frogs here... but that's one wall of the room.

Blake in his little hidey hole under the bed... there are blankets and such under there, plus some plastic drawer units that have his toys in them.

Blake showing off his bed.

The other corner of the room. That's a chest of drawers behind the boy :)
My next project is the guest room... and I will definitely do before and afters of that because it has been the "catch all room" over the winter when we don't have many guests. LOL!!! Plus... after doing Blake's room, a bunch of stuff is in there from that too.

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Ter said...

good for you! But next time don't forget the before pics! Or during pics!