Thursday, June 12, 2008

First and last

Here are pics of Blake on his first day of second grade... and his last day of second grade (which was today). Notice how much taller he is... compare his body to the rectangles on the door behind him!!

As he was getting ready to leave for school this morning Honey was getting excited (she likes to go for a ride to take him to school). Blake said, "When I get home at noon, Honey is going to freak out. She's going to say, "Oh no! He got expelled!"

We were cracking up!

Things I learned during the year of second grade:

1. If you hide the candy wrapper inside the toilet paper tube, Mom and Dad won't find it.

2. If you hide candy wrappers under the tent in your rom, Mom and Dad won't find them.

3. If you pour red bath gel all over your body to try to trick your mom and dad into thinking you are bleeding, you shouldn't step out of the tub onto the linoleum to admire yourself in the mirror.

4. Your mom and dad won't think red bath gel is really blood.

5. When you try to lean against a wall to look "cool", you should be sure that you are actually NEAR the wall so you don't fall flat on your face.

6. When you trick or treat at the dorms on campus you get a LOT of candy... and I mean a LOT! "Enough to last 365 days!"

7. Howling in the bathroom at the restaurant really ins't a good idea... and could get you kicked out of the restaurant.

8. You don't get very far when you run away from home and you're not allowed to cross the street by yourself (plus, it gets dark so much earlier in the winter!)

9. Riding your bike full speed into the tire of your dad's truck is NOT a good idea... and is QUITE painful.

10. God is his hero :)

11. Mrs C is the "best teacher in the world!"

He is now at the age where his true person is coming out.

His conversations actually have thought behind them.

You can actually have a conversation with him and it makes sense and has depth.

He loves to read, and loves to read TO people.

He loves math and is really (and I mean REALLY) good at it.

He is compassionate and caring.

He says things like, "I'll do that for you, Mom, but when I get back you owe me a kiss and a hug."

I am quite certain he has gills.. a fact that has just been reinforced this year.

If given the choice, he will usually choose veggies or fruit over candy.

He is addicted to peanut butter... as in he will eat a peanut butter sandwhich and dip it in peanut butter! He gets that from his father.

I can tell when he is going to have a growth spurt because he gets really clumsy... unless it is a mental growth spurt and then he gets really tired.

He is always hungry and I fear we will not be able to satiate his hunger when he is a teen.

I don't want to think about how close to being a teen he actually is.

He is opinionated.. but his opinions mirror those of his father and I. I know that soon he will begin to form his own opinions and I can't wait to see what those are!

I love the person he is becoming.

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Ter said...

No. 5 made me LOL.