Thursday, June 26, 2008

The hard part of being a mommy...

Freedom the frog died today. I went in to turn on the light and he was floating. He hadn't even acted sick. I know, I know... he was a frog, how would I know if he was acting sick? But really... I never thought I'd say a frog was cute.. but these fire bellied frogs ARE cute. They swim back and forth in their swim area and sit blinking their little eyes on their rock. Sometimes they even put their little feet up against the side of the tank and look at you.

But I digress. The death of Freedom was a difficult thing to deal with. I told Blake in the car on the way home from VBS, and he was so upset he didn't talk the whole way home. Anyone who knows Blake knows this is a miracle in and of itself.

When we got home, he pretty much forgot about Freedom. Until I was doing dishes and found him in the cup I had used to scoop his little body out of the tank with. I asked if he was going to flush him or bury him. He chose to bury him. He made a coffin out of a cupcake paper box.

We dug the hole and Blake was too upset to say any words. He asked to be left alone with Freedom for a few minutes. I took the pic of him sitting by the grave from inside so it's not the best since it was through a screen.

Then we finished burying him, and Blake chose 2 freshly bloomed flowers from the garden to make a cross on the grave with. He wants to go to the river and find a nice rock to make Freedom a nice headstone. We'll probably do that tomorrow.

Rest in peace, Freedom the frog. Leap like you've never leapt before.
Blake just came downstairs and asked if every night after his bath he can go out and read his bible by Freedom's grave. Awww :(

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Ter said...

aw, I'm sorry to hear about Freedom. Well, he is certainly free now. I always thought he was bigger but that picture shows how small he was.