Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm back ...

from a busy and fun weekend.

Saturday was my great, great nephew Will's 2nd bday party. What fun we had there :) He is such a doll! I will post pics later.

Will's gramma, Rene, told me that Blake is the sweetest kid and was "cracking her up". That was so nice to hear :)

She had asked him to stop doing something and he did right away. She said, "Oh, you are a good listener. Do you always listen that well?"

He looked at her and said, "Well, not with my mom, but with strangers I do."


After the party we went swimming and then Mike, Blake and I spent the night at my niece, Shari's house.

This morning we got up and went to church with Shari. She hasn't been to this church yet (today was the "grand opening" because they just bought the building). It's the church she is getting married in next month :)

Then we went to her bridal shower. That was loads of fun! My team (which consisted of my sister, her daughter and me) won the contest of creating a wedding gown with 2 rolls of toilet paper and some paper clips! I must say, our dress was cute. Oh yeah.. and we only had 10 minutes to make it!

I have not seen Shari's mom in 20+ years. She came to the shower today. At the end of the day she was laughing at something I had said and she said, "Oh Jolene. You have grown up to the such a nice person." I said, "Thank you" and she said, "You were such a BRAT when you were a kid!"

LMAO again!

It was a great weekend of family and fun :)


Ter said...

welcome back. I am glad you had a good time. And I totally believe that you must've been a brat when you were a kid. ;)

Ter said...

so where are ya? you must be having a really good time not to be here chatting with me! ;)

Ter said...

oh wait, you're gone for the wedding,right? duh!