Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm still here :)

For those of you who think I have fallen off the face of the Earth... I'm still here:)

It's been a very busy and exciting month so far.

Shelley is back...she came back at the end of June and we have been having such fun together... as we always do.

We went to our usual 4th of July destination... a small town about 2 hours south of me where my sister lives. My nieces water ski and on the 4th of July they do a big show. This year my sister directed the show, Gwen (30 years old and mentally impaired) knee boards, Gret (21 years old and we question her mental stability sometimes) skis and Hannah (16 years old and so far doing well) skis, and their dad drives the boat :)

We went to our hotel on the 3rd and went to the ski show that night. Then back to the hotel and discovered that 10:00 pm is too late to order pizza because all the pizza places in town were closed! How stupid is that?? Shelley pointed out that we weren't in a college town (like the one I live in) so things close up a bit earlier there. *sigh* We ended up going out and getting taco bell and almost getting into a head on collision with some idiot who pulled out of taco bell and into my lane (which was 3 lanes away from him). Nice.

On the 4th we went for breakfast at our hotel, then we went into town for the parade. We packed a picnic lunch so after the parade we "tail gated" by my van and had our lunch. Then we hung around and chatted with my sis and family until time to watch the ski show. My mom's friend brought her to the show too so we got to see a little bit of her. After the show they hustled right out of there.

We went back to our hotel and ordered pizza for dinner (not our planned menu for the evening, but we really wanted pizza... LOL!) Then we swam for a few minutes, then we got ready and headed back for fireworks. We had been invited to a friend of my sis's house to watch the fireworks from there. He lives on the lake and the fireworks are shot off from the center of the lake. It was nice. Getting there was not so nice because they had the road closed (not sure why) and we had to park at a hotel and walk to a marina and walk down the scariest dock I've ever been on in my life! Actually... we had to basically RUN down the dock because my BIL was yelling at us to hurry up the entire time. Ok this dock was 3 metal planks side by side that were not attached to each other... so when you stepped with your left foot that plank went down and when you stepped with your right foot *that* plank went down.... it was awful! My blanket kept getting stuck on the support poles of the dock. But we made it to the boat, removed our shoes (captain's orders) and climbed aboard. Blake was excited when he found out that the boat we were riding in was the same boat that pulled Grand Pyramid in the ski show :)

We got a ride in a car back to our van :)

Saturday we got up, went swimming, had lunch in our room (we got a late check out because I am a "Priority Club" member :) ) then went shopping for quite a while. I got a new top. Shelley got a pretty sweater, a couple of pairs of shoes that were on sale ridiculously cheap, and some books. She got B some books too... one of which he takes to bed every night to read before he goes to sleep :) Then we went out to dinner and then headed home.

This week we've been doing odds and ends of things. Yesterday we went to a local ceramics place where you paint your own stuff and Shelley made a cute flower dish. She hadn't been there before, and she had a great time :)

Here are some pics from the 4th:

Shelley and me at the hotel.

That's Gret in the pink.

Hannah is on the left of the 2nd tier. (she used to climb to the top!)

This is a video of Gret doing a "720". This is where she swivels 360 degrees on her ski, twice. The ski has a special boot on it that spins, making it possible for her to swivel, without the ski moving too.


Ter said...

I thought it was that one that was pregnant? I must be mistaken.

Jo said...

Yeah.. the one in the video is pregnant. She is about 6 or 7 weeks along right now.

Ter said...

and she's water ski-ing?

Jo said...

Yes... doctors say that it's best to continue the activities you have always done, but not to start anything new. She has been water skiing since she was 8, so her body is used to doing that.