Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's growing on me... I think

My mom is an amazing woman. She drives me bonkers sometimes... but she is amazing none-the-less.

A bit of history. My mom dropped out of school in the 8th grade so she could stay home and help with her younger siblings. She came from a huge family (11 kids). When I was a kid, she went back to get her GED and I'm really not sure if she ever got it. I think she did... I need to find that out!

Mom raised 5 kids of her own. She raised babies while my dad was off fighting in the war (WWII). Kept a household.

And she raised us all to be good people. Honest, loving, giving people. I think she did a great job raising kids considering the little amount of education she had. I watch her with Blake and it's always such a joy... she doesn't get angry very much. She talks to him about all sorts of things. She reads to him and asks him to read to her, and to write for her. She loves to hear stories of her grandkids... great grandkids... and now great great grandkid (soon to be s).

I figured once Mom found out about my niece being pregnant she would hit the roof. Blow a gasket. Flip her lid.

Mind you... she's a great mom and great with the grandkids... but I certainly didn't think this news would sit well with her.

I talked to her tonight and she asked if I had heard the latest news. I told her I had. I told her I am disappointed. She said, "Yes, I am too. But what's done is done. Right now what she needs is our support, not our disapproval."

I almost fell off my chair! MY mom said that? You'd really have to understand my mom to get the full shock of this.... one time in college I called her and I was crying and told her how lonely I was and that all my friends had gone home for the weekend. Her response? "That's nice. My show is on, I have to go."

Another time we were out to lunch and she asked if I had seen so-and-so lately. I told her I had not. She said, "Well! She's really put on some weight... she's almost as big as YOU are."

Yeah, thanks mom. (for the record, I ordered a piece of pie after that comment)

So when she said that about the lastest news, I was so surprised.

Of course, she is right. Greta does need our support and not our disapproval.

It is just so difficult to do that right now. But I am trying. I am trying.

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Ter said...

I understand.

I think you'd feel this way anyway but it's going to feel stronger because of your loss too. Just remember you're not alone, and that others, including me, are here to listen.