Thursday, June 19, 2008

The journey

This weekend is summerfest here in Mt P. There is a carnival, tractor pull, car show, food, fireworks, all sort of fun stuff. Summerfest also always coincides with the city's annual citywide garage sale event! We tried having a garage sale during this event twice, in the garage (imagine) with hardly any success. Ended up packing all the leftovers into the van and hauling them to Goodwill. We took a year off, and then last year Mike decided we should have the sale in the front yard. Okee dokee then.... so we hauled everything to the front yard. And most of it sold!! We made over $200... which is good considering I price things at garage sale prices (most of our stuff is under $5 bucks!).

Here it is, time again for the yard sale. We are setting it up in the front yard again since that worked so well last year. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

This year it's a bit more difficult for me. I have been slowly getting rid of Blake's baby things... clothes... toys... you know, the little stuff. Since I have given up on ever getting pregnant again, we are selling all the big stuff this year --- or at least trying to. The crib, the pack n play, the super saucer... all that jazz.

Watching Mike haul the stuff to the front yard has been more difficult than I thought it would be. It's just *stuff* right? Wrong... it's memories. It's my baby boy snuggled up with his teddy bear and his little butt sticking up in the air while he slept. It's sitting and rocking and watching him sleep. It's not being able to resist picking him up and feeling the warmth of his breath on my neck as he snuggled in to sleep on my shoulder. It's nights of laying in my own bed, listening to him breathe through the monitor, only to get up several (hundred) times to go check on him. It's the night he woke up screaming and when I went in there everything was covered with poo and puke (the horrid "p" words!!!). It's going camping and being so proud that he slept through the night even in a tent. It's watching him jump and bounce and spin and laugh with glee as he realized all that he could do in the super saucer. It's remembering the looks of sheer delight on his face and the face of his little friend Kathryn when they climed into the pack n play and then proceeded to pull all the videos off the shelf into the bed with them. It's switching him from the crib to the big boy bed (our crib was convertible... crib - toddler bed - jr bed). It's remembering his new found freedom when he realized he could get OUT of that big boy bed all by himself. It's realizing I haven't seen him for a few minutes, going searching and finding him asleep in the big boy bed.. after he realized he could get INTO it himself too... and put himself down for a nap.

I have been telling myself all morning that I'm not going to cry.

I'll let you know later if that actually worked.


Ter said...


good luck with your yardsale.... maybe you'll make enough to come visit me! :)

LM said...

I remember the sale when we got rid of those items. There are no words to help only hugs and love. Cry if you want, anyone who didn't cry at this point in their lives is either lying or heartless.