Sunday, June 22, 2008


Wow! Sorry I have been away for a few days. Shelley ended up coming on Thursday and it was wonderful to visit with her. But I knew our time together would be short this time, so I didn't do anything on the computer while she was here.

Her dad is doing well. He had the tube taken out today and was able to drink (finally!). He hasn't been allowed to eat or drink since he went to the hospital on Monday :( The doc says he might come home on Monday, but probably on Tues. Thank you for all of your prayers, please continue to pray. The doc said that if this happens again, they will have to go back to square one because they can't figure out what caused it :( So pray that it doesn't happen again... that it was some fluke and won't repeat itself.

We did have fun while Shell was here (as we always do when we are together). On Thursday she got here in the afternoon, and we talked and had dinner and talked some more ;) She took me over to pick up my van (it's still not done though). On Friday we had a yard sale and Shell helped set up for that. We did pretty well... about $150 --- not bad considering the most expensive thing sold was $15. Then Fri night Shelley and I took Blake to the carnival and for fireworks. Then we stayed up too late talking (as we always do :) ). Saturday Mike and Blake went to "The Big Ticket Event" in Gaylord. It's a Christian music festival and there were all sorts of things to do and see there. Mike won the tickets. I guess they had fun... Blake didn't really talk about it.

Shelley and I stayed here and did the yard sale all day. Didn't do as well as on Friday... I think we figured about $100 on Sat. Again.. the most expensive thing was $15. As we were discussing closing up shop we heard thunder so decided it was a good time to close up. Before we could get everything put away it started to downpour :( We got most of the stuff taken care of... but some of it got wet. Nothing we could do about that.

Then we went shopping, out to dinner and to watch fireworks again (just Shelley and I ). The fireworks this year weren't nearly as good as they normally are.

We were going to see a movie.. but I pooped out ;(

Got up and went to church this morning and then Shelley headed home to her parents' house this afternoon. About an hour after she left, we lost power. There was an itsy bitsy storm that went through.. didn't even last 20 minutes... and we lost power. Sheesh!

I started to read my book, got tired and laid down. I slept til about 6:30! Holy cow!!!

Tomorrow is Blake's first day of VBS and he is so excited :)

And for the record.. I didn't cry at the yard sale :)

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Ter said...

Sounds like you had a nice and busy weekend! :)