Sunday, June 8, 2008

Life Changes

I have had some deep thoughts today... that were just added to with some new news that I received literally moments ago. I will go into the new news in a bit.

I have been thinking a lot today about my friend who is having a really rough time right now as she faces yet another year without her daughter, Tyla. This time of year is really difficult for her because it marks the time when she found out she was pregnant, found out that Tyla had died, and gave birth.

It is difficult for me because I also share the pain of losing a child, and I know that no words will help. I know there is nothing I can do or say that will help her to feel better. She will never feel "better". I know that. Her life is forever changed and there is not a single thing that will change it back.

I support her, and I am there for her whenever I need to be, we chat almost nightly and I let her cry and wish that we lived closer so that she could cry on my shoulder instead of on her keyboard.

It is frustrating that I can't say "just the right thing". And yet, I am grateful that I know there isn't "just the right thing" to be said. Nothing that anyone says can take away the pain. Nothing that anyone does can take away the pain. The pain is there. It is real. And only time will tell when or if the pain will lessen.

Pray with me for Tyla's Mommy :) Pray that the days are gentle for her. Pray that she finds support when she needs it. That she is able to cry when she needs to. That she will find understanding in friends and family and strangers.

I'm with you, T. I am just an IM or email away. You've got a friend.


Ter said...

thank you.

Ter said...

'course today I didn't cry til I read your blog. lol.