Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yay me!

We took Blake to Saginaw today (about an hour away for those who don't know) to get fitted for his tux for Shari's wedding in July. I took the camera, but there really wasn't anything to take pics of. He is so excited :)

Anyhoo... since we were there, and they have a mall there, I wanted to go try to find a dress for myself for Shari's wedding. I have shopped for one already and found a style that I really liked, but the color was all wrong for me.

So, we walk into the mall and Mike and Blake head off in search of a playland (they don't have one there) while I set off on the dress finding journey.

I walk into CJ Banks (one of my all time FAVORITE stores if any of you ever wish to send a gift card ... LOL) and on the clearance rack is a really cute skirt. The only one. In my size! For $15 bucks!!! I grab it and look around for a matching top. I find one, not on sale but what the heck I'll try it on with the skirt... it's a button down top and CJ Banks' button downs never fit my boobages (not that they are that big mind you... their tops just never seem to fit). Then I see some sale racks with shorts and capris.... I need shorts and capris.

As I am heading toward the fitting room, Mike and Blake walk in. Mike is in uniform because that's what he wore to volunteer at VBS today. I go into the fitting room and Blake asks if he can use the etch-a-sketch (think this kid's been to CJ Banks before??) and Mike is talking to the sales woman. I hear her tell him that they are having a current promotion of giving 10% off for a military discount! Oh yeah!!

I put on the skirt and top. Top fits perfectly. Skirt... is TOO BIG!!!! I walk out of the dressing room and Mike says, "OH! Now that looks NICE!" Ok. The perfect outfit. Hopefully Tammy can take in the skirt for me.

I try on the shorts.... too big. I try on the capris... too big.

I get the next smaller size and they are PERFECT. The shorts I could take or leave.. the capris I fell in love with. I had picked them up off a rack that said, "$19.99 or less on select styles." I looked at the tag. $49.50. Or not! :(

I walk up to the register with skirt and top and Mike says, "Aren't you getting the pants?" (men don't get the whole "capris" thing ya know??) And I said, "No. I thought they were $20, but they are $50." The cashier asks what pants we are talking about. I show her. She scans them. They are $19.99!! WOOT WOOT!!!!

So not only did I find a dress for the wedding in the FIRST store... and the FIRST thing I tried on... but I had to try on a SIZE SMALLER because the size I was in is TOO BIG!!!

Tooting my own horn now ;)

Of course... if I'd actually exercise I'm sure I could get into something even smaller.. but the mere thought of exercise makes me cringe.

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Ter said...

Yeah I hear you about the thought of exercising making you cringe. ME TOO!

Glad you were able to find some good deals. yay!