Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our Patio

I worked on cleaning and rearranging our patio today. As usual I didn't think to take before shots... but here are some afters :) Also, some pics from our yard.
This is my front garden.
The path before.
The path after... and the gate. There's a story about this path... when we moved in, there were leaves and grass all over this area. When I was raking, I discovered this path! I LOVE it :) The fence used to be on the other side of the patio... but last summer Mike moved the fence back and added the gate, so now we use the patio area much more :)
The patio from the front... you can see the 4x4 where the fence USED to be.
The patio from the path.

Flowers in my friendship garden.

1 comment:

Ter said...

ha! see, I told you! Anyone can take a good flower picture with a good camera!!!

And great job on the patio!