Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Anniversary to me!!!

Thanks to a gift certificate from Shelley, gathering bricks that were laying around the yard and garage, and Michael's elbow grease my patio has a new addition!!! I am SO excited!!!! Yay me!

This is the patio before....
... and after... notice anything different???
And here's a close up view.
Mike also arranged a column of bricks so that the holes in the brick line up and we can put a tiki torch there!
The 4x4 on the right is going to have a bird feeder mounted on it, and the one on the left is going to have a light mounted on it.
We are working on hauling the dirt (from the left side of the patio--- behind the swing) out of there and filling in holes in the backyard. Then we are going to put patio pavers down between the existing concrete slab and the fence, move the swing back against the fence, and build a brick wall from that fence out. We will also be adding an archway to walk through to get to the patio. That will probably be next year's anniversary project :)
I also got a new garbage disposal today!! I'm so excited about that too :) (I know, I live an exciting life huh?) We used anniversary money from Mike's folks to purchase that and then Mike installed it today.

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