Thursday, August 21, 2008


Geez... not sure WHAT to title this post!

Went for my interview today and felt like I wasn't answering the questions like I should. But he did ask for my references and a copy of my teaching cert. at the end of the interview, so I guess that's good.

Got school clothes for B. Got school clothes for Mike (LOL).

Went out to dinner. Started my period as we were eating. Thanks Aunt Flo! Ya bitch!

Headed for home...

and the van broke down.


We just spent all that gosh darn money on clothes and dinner.... to have this happen.

Dear Lord PLEASE let it be something inexpensive to fix!

Had to call the inlaws for $$ for the tow truck... and for a ride because the tow truck could only fit 2 of us in it.


I am so tired of being broke all the time. I can't wait to have a real job, with real income.

But my MIL and I had a good chat on the way home (about a 30 min drive), and she thought the interviewer asking for my references at the end of the interview was a good sign.

Yesterday Blake got a card in the mail from Shelley with $$ in it for school shopping (she spoils my kid as much as she spoils me!). We went to Meijer to look for the black, canvas high tops he has been wanting. NO other store in town had them, so we figured it would be a futile trip. But they had them. And they were ON SALE... so he used the $$ from Shelley to buy them and he is SO proud of that :) Today he got a fuzzy binder (yeah... it's a binder with blue fuzz on the outside of it) and a pencil case with the rest of his money from Shell.

I was SO looking forward to a non-stress day tomorrow (after 2 days of interviews).... now the stress of waiting to see what the hell is wrong with our van.

Hope y'all had better days than me!

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