Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dear Quiznos

Although I really DO appreciate that you put that minute hook in the bathroom for me to hang my purse on, I must tell you that it really is NOT convenient when sitting on the pot in a 8ft by 8ft room, to have said hook on the wall 7 feet away from me. What if I had started my period (imagine!) and needed something "special" out of that purse... hanging on that teensy tiny hook... WAAAAAYYYYYY over there?

I'm just sayin' (to steal a phrase from Stacey!)

Perhaps the hook could be larger (because most women have hubangous purses) and maybe, just maybe, it could be closer to the damn tidy bowl???

Just because I happened in there to use the bathroom and didn't actually EAT in your fine establishment shouldn't mean I can't still share my opinion? Right?

Eternally Grateful,
PMS Queen

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