Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm on a roll

How many blog posts can I do in one day?

This time I just want to say that I just love it when Blake feels something soft and the first thing he does is rub it on his cheek!

This is something he has always done ( have to admit I do it too) and when he was very small, he would touch something... then rub it on his cheek... then rub it on MY cheek... then rub it on his cheek and just melt into it.

That's what he did today while we were shopping. I saw the cutest baby outfit (what I call a bed bunny suit... one piece footy jammas :) Too damn cute!). It was fleece...soooo soft. I showed it to B and he immediately rubbed it on his cheek and there are just no words to describe the look of utter contentment on his face at that moment. It was as if the ONLY thing that mattered in life, at that moment, was having a warm fuzzy on his cheek.

The moment was brief... barely even a second I would imagine... but it, along with all of the other times, will be forever in my memory:)

Man I love this kid!

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