Saturday, August 23, 2008

My van.

Yeah, so we paid $300 to have the solenoid (sp?) pack in the transmission replaced. The mechanic called and said that the van was running, but that it most likely needs to tranny rebuilt. He said we could still drive it, that it's not going to do any more damage to it, but that it will definitely need work soon.

So we picked it up and I was driving it home... and the engine started to whine, I pushed on the gas and the engine revved but we didn't move and then the van bucked and lurched forward. Uh yeah... it's driveable alright!

So I pulled into a parking lot and called Mike to come (I was in such a bad RA flare yesterday, that I couldn't even continue to drive that way the few blocks home).

It's going to cost $1700 bucks to fix the tranny. *sigh* Now, not having $300 to fix the problem is one thing.... but there is NO WAY we have $1700 bucks!

So, the van will sit in our driveway until we can somehow save up the $$ to fix it. It's going to be awhile, considering I don't even MAKE that in a month on unemployment :(

Lord I need a job!!!!!

If I had 1700 readers I'd ask y'all to loan me a buck each :) LOLOL!!!!!

It's got to get better right??

I got called yesterday and offered the job as the Associate Teacher (the Wed interview) but I didn't take it because there are no health benefits and I REALLY need benefits. Plus, I am WAY overqualified for that job. But it did get me prepared for my 2nd interview (on Thurs). That job I would really love to have... even though it's a 45 minute drive. But I think I would like it... especially since it's a new position so I won't be filling anyone's shoes... I'll be making the shoes! LOL :) One of the ppl I have as a reference called them yesterday and he told my MIL (he's a colleague of hers) that they sounded VERY interested in me. So pray as hard as you have EVER prayed in your LIFE that they offer me the job!!!!

It will be interesting figuring out how to get me to work, B to school and Mike to school with only one vehicle... but we'll figure it out.


Ter said...

good luck! :)

LM said...

sending prayers that you get it


Anonymous said...

I just went through this last month! The tranny in my Dodge Caravan went out - the van would go in reverse, but not forward. This was the second transmission that died! It would have cost more to fix than it was worth anymore, so we sold it to the mechanic and bought the Ford Windstar I have now.