Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tuesdays antics

Today we took pics of the hotel lobby area and checked out. Then we went to Shelley's school for a little bit so I could help her with some things in her classroom.

After that we went to Big Boy for lunch/ breakfast. I had pancakes and eggs. Shell had a sandwhich. The old lady in the booth behind us (I mean the lady had to have been in her 70s) ordered a Big Boy (the burger) and she ate the WHOLE DAMN THING!!! I nearly fell off my booth! LOL :)

After lunch we checked out a dollar store and then went to Shelley's house cuz I had to pee really bad!!!

We checked showtimes from her house and decided we'd go to a movie.

The theater was in the mall, so we bought our tickets and then shopped around a little bit. She saw a dress she wanted to try on, but we didn't have time, so we went to the movie and then went back after. She ended up buying the dress. It's really cute! I should have taken a pic to post on here :)

We left the mall and went back to her other house (she has a summer house and a school year house). We had grilled cheese for dinner (too much popcorn for much more than that). We watched TV and talked.

I love being with her. We can bitch and whine and laugh and cry all in the same conversation.... actually, we usually have several conversations going on at the same time about various topics! LOL :)

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Ter said...

all I did was work. and more work.


( I have no money either, despite all the time I'm spending working!)