Friday, August 15, 2008

Oh what a week it was....

On Monday I went to visit Shelley. She told me she had a surprise for me (I so love surprises :) ). I got up and around early, went to the bank, and headed out for the 3-ish hour drive to her house.
When I got there, we had lunch and talked and watched some TV and walked around looking at her dad's gardens (they are beautiful). I took pics of some flowers... those are saved for another day's post.
Then we left for the surprise...
This is the door to the lobby of the St. Clair Inn... where we were going to spend the night :)
The view from our personal patio!
A Canadian Coast Guard boat (hey, Ter, that's Canada on the other side of the river :) )
The pool area... the hot tub is way back there in the corner on the right :)
An amazing chair in the lobby.
Shelley and I by the amazing chair.
Another shot of the lobby.
A cool trunk in the lobby.
So, after we checked in and took our stuff to the room and looked around the room a bit... we left and took Shell's bike to her house (it was at my house). Then we went back and swam and sat in the hot tub. Then we went and got pizza and we sat on our little patio to eat it and watch the river. A seagull begged for scraps, and we finally gave in. He put his head down on the ground between his legs and squawked something awful after that. Not sure if he was thanking us or calling the troops! LOL!! But then another seagull came and he chased that one away, so...
After munching on pizza and cheesy garlic bread, we gave ourselves pedis (with stuff Shelley had very sneakily brought with her!). And we watched some TV and chatted.
As we were falling to sleep, Shelley said, "Oh, just to warn you the freighters like to blow their horns sometimes in the morning."
Fast forward to 8:00 AM: BLLLLAAAAARRRRREEE!!!! Yup... freighter blowing it's horn RIGHT outside our room. I'm not sure if they'll tack the ceiling repair on the bill or what...
We got up Tuesday and... (to be continued).

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Ter said...

what? and you didn't swim across to say hi? (but of course I'm no where near that river, so maybe it was a good thing you didn't put too much effort into it. lol)